Capital Projects

Capital Projects Update


Schuylkill Crossing at Grays Ferry

Preliminary site work has begun for the new swing bridge that will connect the east & west banks near the Grays Ferry Avenue highway bridge. Work on the $15.4M project is expected to be completed in mid-2019. Removal of the existing truss will require a coordinated effort of 2 cranes on barges that will result in temporary closings of river traffic. The new swing bridge will mark a major achievement of the Tidal Schuylkill River Master Plan to connect the existing northern and southern trails to all the neighborhoods down to the river.

Christian to Crescent Connection

As widely reported, in early March, the City was awarded a $12M TIGER Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation for construction of this vital structure that will complete the trail from Center City to Bartram’s Garden. Additional funding is expected from State and City sources with the balance from private parties. AECOM is ready to move the design into the final phase that should allow construction to start as early as early 2020. The proposed main structure will be a unique cable-stayed bridge with “woven” strands. This structure will not only raise the trail above an active dock but also provide access to the Grays Ferry neighborhood.