Christian to Crescent

  • The yellow line in the above image indicates trail on land, the darker orange line indicates the trail on structure and the approach to the cable stayed bridge, and the light orange line indicates the cable stay bridge.

The Christian to Crescent trail segment is the final link needed to provide an entirely off-road route between Center City and the Grays Ferry Crescent for pedestrians and bicyclists. This is a potentially difficult trail segment to design and construct, because the area is still industrially active and the riverbank narrows for a portion of its length. In order to complete this segment, a cable supported bridge will be constructed along the east riverbank (shown in the renderings above and below).

Once this segment is built, SRDC’s vision of a completed off-road, multi-use trail along the Schuylkill between the Fairmount Water Works and Bartram’s Garden will be realized. SRDC has completed a feasibility study that analyzed the sites along this future trail segment and proposed the best possible trail alignment option. The final design of this trail segment is currently underway through the Philadelphia office of AECOM. Once design is completed at the end of 2019 and construction funding is secured, this project will move to construction.

A public meeting was held on September 26, 2018 to inform the public about the proposed trail design, alignment and related amenities. Thank you to everyone who attented and gave us your feedback.