Chestnut Street Bulkhead


The bulkhead under the Chestnut Street Bridge is compromised, leaving a 5 x 10 foot area of the trail just south of the bridge unsafe for use. This area is currently underconstruction.

PennDOT has agreed to make needed bulkhead repairs as part of their Chestnut Street Bridge project. Bridge work began in 2017 and the bulkhead repair will likely happen in early 2020. Completing this work as part of the bridge project will dramatically reduce mobilization costs associated with the project, which would otherwise be significantly more expensive than the projected $900,000. We appreciate PennDOT's cooperation in including this work in their project.


PROJET UPDATE - February 2020: PennDOT contractors completed some masonry repairs and repointing of the piers and abutment (the structural support of the bridge) over summer 2018. Work is currently underway rehabilitating the 24th Street arch and the entire bridge over the river. This bridge reconstruction project includes new fascia lighting of the structure, a new trail pergola entrance at Chestnut Street and a new plaza on Schuylkill Avenue. 

The existing sink hole on the trail (located just south of the Chestnut Street Bridge in the south-bound lane) is temporarily covered with two steel plates and asphalt. PennDOT has incorporated the permanent repair of the bulkhead and trail surface into their contract. According to the most recent project update obtained from PennDOT, "Repairs to a retaining wall at river’s edge on the east side of the river under the Chestnut Street Bridge that require closing a section of the Schuylkill River Trail at Chestnut Street will be done over the winter. The trail will be closed for 90 days while the wall is repaired. Work here is expected to finish and the trail reopened to the public in April. A detour will route pedestrian and cycling traffic around the closed section of the trail during construction."

We ask all trail users to exercise caution while negotiating this area. And we appreciate PennDOT’s support of our efforts here.

Learn more about the Chestnut Street Bridge project here.