Out on the Trail

Volunteer Spotlight on Leo Miller!

  • Leo is on the right in the above photo.

Leo started volunteering on Schuylkill Banks in September 2018, and has been a dependable and generous volunteer ever since. Whether it’s moving piles of soil to fill in a sink hole along the bulkhead, pouring concrete or cleaning out the Tidal Basin, Leo is always there to help. One weekend in February, Leo collected 45 bags of trash. Even snow does not slow him down!  This spring Leo planted hundreds of perennial seeds along what was once “Philly’s dirtiest mile,” and we are eagerly waiting to see the new plants bloom later this summer. We even have a couple new volunteers, thanks to Leo talking up the trail.

If you are out on the trail, make sure to say hi to Leo – he can be spotted on the weekends picking up litter along the railroad fence line, tending to his newly planted perennials along that same fence line and helping out with seasonal programming events.

Thank you Leo for getting involved and making Schuylkill Banks a better place for everyone!