Out on the Trail

Out on the Trail Update


It has been a relatively mild fall season on the Banks. As a result, we were able to continue with landscaping and other volunteer maintenance projects well into the month of November. Graffiti removal has been steady, but not overwhelming along the trail. SRDC staff has completed most removals, with additional assistance from the City of Philadelphia’s Managing Directors Office. Please note that the irrigation system for Schuylkill Banks has been turned off for the season- as a result, the water fountain at Locust Street is also turned off for the winter to prevent damage from freezing.

SRDC’s seasonal staff at Grays Ferry continues to do a great job keeping this segment of the Banks free of trash and graffiti. The skate park at Grays Ferry Crescent continues to be a success, with graffiti and trash under control and consistent positive use by both youth and adults.

While much of the landscaping along the trail has been by lawn mowing, weeding, and landscape services contracted in partnership with the City, a huge amount of work has been accomplished by volunteers. Multiple volunteer groups from the neighborhood, schools, and local businesses completed cleanup and volunteer projects over the last three months, including groups from Mercer Consulting, University of Pennsylvania women's rowing team, and the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Treekeepers and Power Corps programs.

Volunteers continue to be a vital part of the successful operations of Schuylkill Banks; assisting with programs like movie nights and kayak tours, participating in cleanup and maintenance opportunities, and assisting with special events. Please consider volunteering for movie nights, kayak tours, boat tours, or maintenance projects during the 2017 season! For more information about individual or group volunteer opportunities at Schuylkill Banks, contact Zoe Axelrod at [email protected] or 215-309-5523 x105, or visit our website.