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Schuylkill Crossing at Grays Ferry

The contractor has started the demolition of the railroad truss bridge. The demolition phase will also include removal of the massive gears supporting the truss and the deteriorated fender system. The river will remain open to river traffic during this process. Because the proposed structure will carry a lighter load, the new truss will be smaller and lighter. The new vertical clearance will be 26’ – 1” which will allow most river traffic to pass under the bridge. When there is a need for larger vessels, such as tug boats, to negotiate the river, the City will swing the bridge open.

Once the new crossing is functional, trail users on the east side will be able to reach Bartram’s Garden, and residents of Southwest Philadelphia will have direct access to Grays Ferry Crescent. This crossing will be a dramatic addition to the entire Schuylkill Banks trail. In conjunction with the completion of the proposed Christian to Crescent Connector, the Banks trail and greenway will link many Philadelphia neighborhoods to each other and the greater Schuylkill River Trail.

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