Capital Projects

Capital Projects Update

 South to Christian Trail and Greenway

The end of the year deadline is nearing for this project. The landscaping is progressing nicely and installation of a water line for the irrigation system is imminent. The benches, bike racks and trash receptacles will be installed soon along with some small asphalt adjustments.  Once the other work is complete the grass seed will be spread along with a bed of straw.  A grand opening could be held in mid- December or early spring.  The trail, expansive landscaping and the CHOP Bridge will make this 1,400-foot greenway a beautiful addition to the Schuylkill Banks.

Schuylkill Crossing at Grays Ferry

Due to an extended review by the Coast Guard, this project’s advertising date was delayed. We now expect to receive bids from prospective contractors on December 7th.  We hope to start work in March 2018 with a completion date of December 2019.

The existing 115-year-old bridge will be replaced with a similar designed truss that will be smaller, lighter and easier to rotate and maintain.  Enhanced lighting will illuminate the structure and the walkway. An overlook area will be provided at the center pier that will allow users to step out from the truss to view the structure and the river.