Community Events

Horticultural History at the Woodlands

Monday, January 31, 2022 (All day)

It's cold outside, so take a digital tour of the horticultural history at the Woodlands! 

"Though still a new city, Philadelphia was one of the world’s most important horticultural hubs in the 18th century. The enlightenment fascination with natural sciences, along with the thousands of unknown plant species waiting to be documented throughout North America made this city a vital link in connecting the different botanical worlds of Europe and the United States. While plant collectors abroad eagerly awaited shipments of new world plants out of Philadelphia, it became popular in the colonies to apply scientific principles to farming and agriculture. Years later, in the 19th century, small family flower gardens became an important aspect of the Victorian attitude towards domesticity. This new national interest opened up the seed industry for remarkable growth and led to the expansion of commercial seed catalogs." 

Learn more and take the tour here.