Capital Projects

Benefits of Well-Connected Trails & Greenways

  • Swing Bridge

Every day we get closer to the completion of the Swing Bridge that will connect Grays Ferry Crescent and Bartram’s Mile. The contractors finished pouring the concrete structure that will hold the center portion of the new bridge (shown in the center of the above photo) and soon they will pour the structure needed for the rack that will guide the pinion, allowing the bridge to rotate open and closed. Although completion is still expected for summer of next year, the idea that the east and west sides of the tidal Schuylkill will soon be connected with a pedestrian- and cyclist-only bridge is exciting!  And once the Christian to Crescent Connection is completed in a few years (shown in the below rendering), we will be able to walk, run, bike, skate board, and roller blade between dozens of neighborhoods from Kingsessing to Roxborough and beyond on a car-free trail.

Well-connected trails and greenways are important public amenities not only because they get us where we need to go for low- or no-cost, they also encourage physical fitness and healthy lifestyles, and can positively contribute to our mental well-being. Plus, many cities have found that trails bring in millions of dollars a year from increases in recreation and tourism, which spurs new retail and employment opportunities in the neighborhoods surrounding the trails. And, let’s not forget the environmental benefits that come from well-connected trails and greenways. We have healthier rivers (also our drinking water source), cleaner air, and vibrant habitat for our urban wildlife.

Help SRDC continue to plan, build, maintain, and program Schuylkill Banks so that you and others continue to benefit from a well-connected trail and greenway along the entire tidal Schuylkill River. Consider making a year-end donation or a Charitable IRA Rollover gift to SRDC, adopt a bench to commemorate an event or loved-one, sponsor an event, or volunteer out on the trail. Learn more about how you can contribute to the success of Schuylkill Banks here.